You are looking for 300 cooks espa&bath;ols to work in the Uk

If you're looking for a job in the hospitality sector are looking for 30o Spanish chefs for various positions in this sector. If you know someone who may be interested please do not hesitate to share, there are moments of reaching out to others.

Chef with vegetables

We can not deny the obvious, it is increasingly complex to find a job and in some employment offices, as you suggest so quietly that if you have contacts or people who can recommend you on some job do not hesitate to use them instead of waiting for them to call you with a job offer.

So we are in and among those anecdotes that tell me I've heard this news I thought it timely to share with you. You are looking for 300 cooks to work in the Uk for jobs ranging from kitchen assistants, heads of game, cooks, chefs and managers.

What you are looking for are people with a clear profile, as you will have guessed is necessary that they have the necessary skills to work comfortably in an international and multicultural environment, is looking for people who can work in a team and have a correct handling of the English.


What we have been able to find is that they offer contracts of long and medium duration to work on the restoration specialized in cooking fresh and healthy both in England and in Scotland.

The company that is performing the search at a Spanish level is Linkers, a consulting firm specializing in the Hospitality sector and the Tourism promoted by the british company, The People Tree, who does the same only in the british market.

If any of you are interested or know someone that may be tempting, you must send an email to the address [email protected]. After this there will be an online test on matters culinary in English, and hence, to determine the different phases for the personal interviews.

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