Pauwel Kwak, a glass of beer

The first time I drank this beer I acknowledge that I did it solely and exclusively for the pleasure of taste in that cup so particular that it has.

Interestingly, talking with the bartender, a friend of mine, told me that the Pauwel Kwak the sold in the bar by the style of it; that was enough to put on the bar a couple of drinks and automatically to more than one wanted to take it. I checked in situ, and indeed, more than one itchy.

It is nonsense, it is true, because it may be more appearance than the pleasure of savoring a good beer, but what is also true is that in marketing everything is worth, and the Kwak is a beer that has been famous for its glass.

Currently, the cup can be purchased in eBay auctions by up to 30 euros.


Pauwel Kwak

What about the taste? it is a strong flavor at first but it is very fleeting. Hard little bit in your mouth so that you really can't taste well. Gently sweet, it starts to become dry when you wear as a part consumed. This beer is brewed with three types of malt and is the later addition of hops which gives it that touch of fruit initial. However, this beer is generous because even if it is fleeting, leaves you very satisfied and graduation, 8%, is very correct.

The color is light brown, crystalline, with an aroma of vinous. It is also very foamy, which is also accentuated by the shape flared cup. Therefore, it should be served with plenty of foam up to 3/4 of the bottle. When it has evaporated a bit of the foam initial, then proceed to take the rest of the beer, so that it is look very eye-catching.

Interestingly, the Pauwel Kwak and its glass have a story that deserves to be counted. The creator had a tavern in Flanders, Belgium, around the year 1800, in which they used to make many stops on the carriages. There, the passengers used to cool off with a good beer. However, by law, the groomsmen, drivers of the cars with the horses, had to stay in the box to the passengers ended up. Therefore, Pauwel Kwak, which is called the bartender, had the brilliant idea of inventing a cup that you could attach and fix in the box of the carriage, and thus, the drivers could also drink. That cup was patented, and today virtually, is the same in that it continues to serve this excellent beer.

Photo: sudsgear