Luis Ca&bathrooms, as well as Reserve Selection’n Family 2001

Sunday night, family gathering. All around a good table with the snacks so typical to andalusian-based iberian ham and cheese manchego cured. Had to show it off because it was a special occasion and offer diners a good wine with the water so appetizing appetizers; the decision for me was clear.

Had been saving some bottle for a special occasion; a bottle of the bodegas Luis Cañas (to my taste, one of the best wineries of Spain), special, of Selection and of a very good harvest, 2001, category Excellent. His name already gives you some idea of what we can taste in the open: Luis Cañas Reserva Selection of the Family 2001.


Seleccion Familiar 2001

The bodegas Luis Cañas are a few wineries located in Villabona, in the Rioja Alavesa, where apply the latest technology in the production of wines, but always with that special touch and almost artisan who know how to give in that family. The Selection of the Family arose from the desire to offer a wine acme, simply spectacular. And so it was, as with the Selection of 1999 they took the Gold medal in the International Wine Challenge in London.

With a scrupulous care, the wine Selection of the Family are wines of strains of more than 45 years old, specially selected and protected in zones of the north wind. The wine remains 12 months in French oak barrels and another 12 in american oak barrels, and is made of 85% grapes tempranillo and 15% of other grapes.

The wine was a success that night, of course. As always, we open it for a while before to allow it to aireara, and then serve him with the special care with which you serve the great gems.

Only to see it fall into the cup as it is a pleasure that you enjoy. Its color is of an intense red, but after the first aroma, that smell in the nose, it is simply wonderful. Clean and full; you are filled with the smell and with the air of balsamic and woody. Slightly fruity, with picotas. In the mouth it is powerful, deep, structured with an aftertaste very long to fruit.

Technical specifications of the Luis Cañas Reserva Selection of the Family 2001:

  • Composition
    • 85% grapes tempranillo, 15% other grapes
    • Alcohol, 14,3 º
  •  Aging
    • 12 months in French oak and second year, another 12 months in american oak. Then there is 18 months in the bottle.
  •  View
    • Intense red colour, brilliant and clean.
  •  Nose
    • Aroma of fruit, woody and balsamic notes of pine.
  •  Mouth
    • Of full-bodied and intense. Structured and aftertaste long of fruit.
  • Accompaniment
    • Red meats and cured cheeses.